Prepare for the Super Bowl matchup of your nightmares.

On Feb. 2, millions of Americans will reportedly be subjected to two dueling ads: One from the campaign of billionaire Michael Bloomberg urging voters not to support President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, and another from Trump, urging voters to do the opposite, according to reports

Their Super Bowl ad time ― 60 seconds each ― will likely cost the campaigns around $10 million per ad

Bloomberg spokesman Michael Frazier told The New York Times that “the biggest point is getting under Trump’s skin” ― which conveniently is no thicker than tissue paper. 

The Trump campaign started planning the mammoth ad buy in the fall but confirmed it on Tuesday after Bloomberg’s team told the Times that it also planned to buy Super Bowl ad time. Bloomberg is driving his campaign using his own money, unlike Trump.

The former New York City mayor’s spot will likely target Trump’s broken promises, highlighting the president’s failure to improve national infrastructure and health care.

We don’t normally see presidential candidates advertise during the Super Bowl for a simple reason: It costs too much. Campaigns typically favor spending money on more targeted, local spots to make more efficient use of their funds — but both Trump and Bloomberg are running unconventional campaigns.

Tune in to find out which rich New Yorker comes out on top. Or don’t!