This year’s holiday ads are a perfect antidote to the year from hell.

And one way or another, they find ways to address the big C-word of 2020: coronavirus.

In a year dominated by the pandemic, some businesses tackled the public health crisis head on in their holiday spots.

British supermarket Tesco decided with its tongue-in-cheek commercial that there was “no naughty list” this season ― even for those who forgot to properly wash their hands ― because of the difficulties endured by many.

Amazon, meanwhile, told the tale of a determined ballet dancer who gets to perform, albeit in a socially distanced style.

Other companies acknowledged the health emergency in more subtle ways, such as British department store John Lewis’ animated acts of kindness:

Check out the other holiday ads below. We’ll add more as they arrive.

  • 1 Give With All Your Heart (Kohl’s)
  • 2 Inner Child (McDonald’s UK)
  • 3 We Believe (SuperValu)
  • 4 From Our Family To Yours (Disney UK)
  • 5 Christmas Is What You Make It (Hobby Lobby)
  • 6 Realizing What Really Matters (Home Store + More)
  • 7 And I Think To Myself (Lego)
  • 8 Christmas Is This Very Moment (
  • 9 The Lil’ Goat (TK Maxx)
  • 10 Make It A Christmas To Remember (Toys ‘R’ Us Australia)
  • 11 A Sausage CaRoll (Walkers Crisps)
  • 12 Kevin’s Out In The Cold (Aldi)
  • 13 The Night (Way) Before Christmas (Westfield AU)
  • 14 Making Christmas Special (Morrisons)
  • 15 A Comfy Carol With Wallace & Gromit (DFS)
  • 16 We Will Hug Again (Zalando)
  • 17 Elephant Trail (WWF)
  • 18 Mince Pie Dancer (Dobbies Garden Centres)
  • 19 Gucci Gift 2020 (Gucci)
  • 20 We’re All Homemakers (Woodie’s)
  • 21 Big On A Christmas You Can Believe In (Lidl)
  • 22 Gift Like You Mean It: New Guy (Etsy)
  • 23 Gravy Song (Sainsbury’s)
  • 24 An Evening with AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy (Argos)
  • 25 Father Christmas To The Rescue (Barbour)
  • 26 Fake Shake (Dreamies)
  • 27 Christmas Is On (Deliveroo)
  • 28 Perfect Portions (Sainsbury’s)
  • 29 Joy Begins Here (Walmart Canada)
  • 30 Make Her Shine This Holiday (Pandora)